Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Reviews

by Kate Shulga on May 20, 2019

Xiaomi has done it again. They have released the Ninebot Plus, an upgraded version of the Ninebot Mini.

Xiaomi Launched Ninebot Plus on June 28th 2017.

1) Appearance ninebot

  • Ninebot Plus is a new version of the Mini. The new Mini has a stronger frame, and an entirely non-slip magnesium alloy surface.
  • The 11-inch inflatable wheels provide a comfortable and safe ride for urban travel.
  • The Ninebot Plus weighs in at 16 kg. This is a remarkable weight considering its size and performance.
  • The scooter has a Loading option that allows you to transport your luggage and tow it around like a cart.

2 Endurance

The Ninebot Plus is powered by 42 Li-ion battery and can be used for up 35 kilometers without needing to be charged.

The batteries come with a waterproof shell, making the scooter usable in any weather condition.

You can fully charge the batteries in under 5.5 hours. If you take it to work or uni, you can charge it throughout the day so that it is ready for you when you return home.


Riding experience of Ninebot Plus: Stable and smooth.

The two 400W motors provide an 18 km/h top speed, making it ideal for urban travel.

4 Follow me mode!

The NineBot can be used to follow you around if you don't feel like walking for a while. The remote control allows you to lock/unlock your scooter, turn the lights on/off, and have it come to you. You can also activate the "Follow Me" mode from your remote.

This feature is great for when you have luggage, and you need some extra help.

Ninebot Plus comes with an advanced security alarm system. It can be connected to your smartphone and you will receive notifications whenever the scooter moves.

Call back function of Ninebot Plus is useful when you park your scooter somewhere.

Ninebot Plus is an upgraded version of Mini and offers everything you would want from a Segway-style scooter.

You can find more information and the most recent availability on the Ninebot Page.